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Precision Medical Urgent Care and Family Practice

Join our Direct Primary Care Program

Are you struggling to obtain affordable health insurance and are suffering from unreasonable high deductible costs? If your answer is YES, please contact our front desk to know how you can save thousands on medical expenses by enrolling in our Direct Primary Care program.

$50 a month can save you thousands on your healthcare costs!
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PMDC Membership Plans

Enroll in-person at any of our locations or sign up online by clicking the button below each plan type.

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Age 18-60

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Corporate Plans

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Direct Primary Care

Direct Access To Your Doctor

Our Direct Care (PMDFC) model is designed to facilitate patient access to affordable, high-quality primary health care by getting rid of the "middle man" or insurance. Direct Primary Care creates a direct relationship between YOU and your doctor.

This initiative started with a sincere desire to help patients reduce their medical costs after Obamacare's changes and the consequent increase in deductibles and Insurance Premiums. Our clinics provide all the basic primary care, internal and sports medicine, orthopedics, personal injury or trauma as well as Functional Medicine including bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Our plan does not cover specialist care. However, we have access to TOP physicians on our referral pool.

Delaying medical treatment can lead to bigger health concerns and expenses later on.
With Direct Primary Care, patients no longer need to delay a doctor check-up because of a budget issue.

Catastrophic Medical Coverage for Emergencies

We recommend patients to obtain a catastrophic insurance plan one with the highest possible deductible to cover unexpected and EXPENSIVE emergencies such as surgeries or major health issues (these plans feature lower-than-average premiums in exchange for higher-than-average deductibles). Then, simultaneously join PMDPC to take care of their Primary Care needs.

Direct Primary Care for Companies

Companies working with PMDPC value this relationship for its affordability, the reduction of insurance premiums, and the easy integration with their current insurance plans, including programs such as Health Savings Account (HSA).





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