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Precision Medical Urgent Care and Family Practice

Auto Accident Injury Assessment

Make an appointment with our doctors first after your car accident. This is the only way to prove your injury as lawyers cannot do this and will have a hard time settling your case. Waiting too long might hurt your case. SEE ONE OF OUR DOCTORS IMMEDIATELY EVEN IF YOU FEEL OKAY.

Your Medical Care May Be Completely Free

Most insurers have what is called a Personal Injury Protection in their policy (PIP) to cover your medical care, loss of wages, etc. If you were not at fault and the cost of your injuries is higher than what the PIP offers, a lawyer can help you determine if you have an injury case. It is advisable that you also use MedPay, another type of low-cost insurance that covers you even if you were at fault. Consult with your insurance company about MedPay.

Don't Wait To See Our Doctors

Again, if you wait too long, longer than four weeks, the insurance company might deny your case. It is better to be sure and to see a professional about your accident immediately to be sure. SEE OUR DOCTORS EVEN IF THE ER DOCTOR SAID YOU ARE OKAY.





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